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News about Super Media and its Promotion

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 We exist in an exciting time, and we work in an exciting medium - Super Media.

Super Media used to be available only from the largest studios with a big stable of producers, directors, cinematographers, videographers, animators and cartoonists, casts and crews with access to major sound stages. Super Media used to be very time and money intensive.

Times have changed. Technology far beyond the reach of the average producer is now affordable and accessible.

You may watch a movie tonight with your favorite action stars appearing in sets that are mostly digitally created, and you might not even notice it.

Happy Film Making!

Denny Van Guilder, owner

Who is a good client for us?

If you want to make a difference, we believe we can help you do that with projects both large or small. You will be surprised how affordably and easily we can bring your ideas to life and get them in front of your intended audiences.

Your story and everything you care about.

If you don’t make your story, who will? Your story doesn’t have to be all about you, but a collage of the things you care about with you sprinkled in. You don’t have to worry about ideas for your story, they are already inside of you. We will help you envision, organize and execute your plans.

Why is Super Media so powerful?

Super Media is powerful because it can encompass just about anything you have seen on the big screen, or on the small screen. It uses great music and sound, it can incorporate live actors, animated characters, graphics, charts and props, background video and much more.

The best, most important thing about Super Media? Super Media can be custom made and designed to be effectively promoted and distributed online. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion. Who cares about your masterpiece if they haven't seen it?

Is it a "Documentary" or a "Movie"?

A good example of either, would be very similar. The same things that make a documentary compelling and worth watching, can also help make a movie great. Is it fact or is it fiction? Or some of both?

Real Live Actors or Animated Characters, or Both?

Real people can be very expressive with voice and facial expression using emotion. The simple "double take" can be a scene stealer. Gymnasts, jugglers and athletes can add a lot to a story, and a simple romantic look can be impactful. A simple pose can set a relaxing or exciting scene.

Animated characters can do anything a real character can, but animated characters can do many things that live actors simply can't. Animated characters can take any form, male, female, young, old, large, small, animal, insect, tree or prop. Animated characters show up in the right place, on time, they always wear the right wardrobe, and they always take direction.

Interactions between real and animated characters can be magical. We will always need voices and great music and we will always need real people for that, thank goodness.

Promotion, Promotion, Promotion.

We have a promotion strategy that encompasses the creation of Social Media Aggregators, we build them, we place them,  we seed them, and we manage them. There are people out there looking for you, building and managing Media Aggregators is how we will bring you together. This strategy makes us unique in our field.

You can create the most compelling arguments, produce the most beautiful, effective and efficient vehicles to present and deliver your message, but "it won't mean a thing if it ain't got that promotional swing".

A message without real promotion is no better than a poster stapled to a tree in a vast internet forest.

No one will even know it is there.

Why Portal Harbor?

We're focused, minimalistic and strategically oriented while remaining budget minded. We keep our costs as low as possible and we deliver projects on time and on budget. We also think this is fun and we try to keep it light - no self-centered egotistical blowhards allowed in studio or on set!

We're always learning and always looking for advantages in technology, software, and equipment, not just showing off.


Bobby Drengler

Producer, Director, Music Developer

Bobby has been passionately involved in the creation, the recording and the playing of music since he was a teen.
He was also promoting the use of video since the 1990's.
Bobby excels at putting people together to get things done and works hard at it every day 24-7.
Music is a key to our success and Bobby lives and breathes music. Bobby is active in several industries and endeavors.

Denny Van Guilder

Owner, Producer, Director, Developer

Denny has been recording music and shooting and editing video for decades. He has been building and working with computers since the mid 1990's. He is an animator, a web designer and a graphic artist.
He has organized and coached basketball for almost 20 years.
He has been a carpenter, a project manager and general contractor for over 35 years.
He is also an infrared thermographer in the building condition assessment industry.

Tom Leonhardt

Producer, Head Writer, Actor and Voice Over Talent

Tom Leonhardt is a writer, comedian, actor and producer with years of experience. He has written and produced dramatic pieces for radio, stage and print. Much of Tom's works are comedic in nature but dramatic and satire pieces are also his forte. Tom is able to take any idea or concept, big or small, and turn it into a story people want to hear. His unique talents can turn any project into a successful production guaranteed to impress.


If results are what you are after, we are ready to help.

We understand that all endeavors have different objectives and requirements, so we look at your needs as being unique.

Just as each endeavor is different, so should be its internet promotion plan.

There are many types of web sites, media and messages to choose from, and even more ways to promote them.

We are ready to listen to your needs, concerns and ideas, and then help you put together a plan that will deliver what you are looking for.

If you want results, Portal Harbor is ready to make them happen.

"We can change the world, one video at a time".

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