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Design, Direction, Production and Promotion is what we do.

We are a one stop "Creation Station" for your project.

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Who is a good Client for us?

We work with Performers of any kind - Singers, Musicians, Bands, Comedians and Producers making television style programming and short form documentaries.

We also work in Animation so we can create Previsualization (Previz) clips for video projects, as well as completely animated shorts.

We can help Businesses, Non-Profits or any Public or Private Entity seeking to create video spots, explainer videos, public relations spots or training videos.

Studio Video

This is a short clip from a music video shoot in our green screen studio.

After the minor prep and wardrobe decisions, studio time was about two hours.

Once this footage was in the can, we produced the finished video below.

Result Video

This is the finished deliverable of "Energy Vampire" by Steve McLoone, featuring his song and performance ready for distribution and publication on line.

This is an inexpensive, medium quality production, produced completely in house in collaboration with UltimaSongs Records.

This is just one example of our capabilities for in house production.

We can produce most anything you desire, limited only by time and budget.

A lot has changed during the Covid-19 Era.

Since most entertainment venues can't operate, most people who earn an income from shows and events, are locked out.

We have grown and expanded our offerings to help performers stay visible in their communities and also make money performing with video.

We can live stream video (while recording) with live multi camera switching, graphics, lower thirds, live green screening and premade video content with remote guests and social media interaction in real time. And we can do that as pay per view, or collect donations straight to a bank account, embedded directly in the player/page.

We can produce clips and spots in studio and on location, digitally create media, graphics and record live music and voice overs and then put it all together into a show distributed through social media platforms.

We promise to be ready and prepared for your visit to our studio or when we are on location with you.

We strive to make this as easy as possible for you with teleprompters, monitors and make up should you want it.

This should be fun, and we do our best to make sure you are relaxed and enjoying your time with us.

Once your plan and production are ready, we will help you promote it to your audience.

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