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Design, Direction, Production and Promotion is what we do.

We are a one stop "Creation Station" for your project.

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We Do "Hybrid Promotional Campaigns" -

We create all of the messaging vehicles you need, and distribute them for you. This includes Print Media, Multiple Websites, Weekly/Daily Email Newsletters, Social Media Design and Management, Short and long Form Video Ads and Programing, and then we deliver it all through Mass Emailing and Mass Internet Sharing.

We Specialize in YouTube Channel Development, YouTube Content Creation, Management and Monetization -

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, if you are not leveraging it to the max, you have one hand tied behind your back. YouTube should be your highest priority if you want to promote your projects and make money from that. We will setup, manage, and fully leverage Affiliate Advertising for you.

We Do Video -

We have a small, discreet, well equipped audio/video studio with professional equipment, teleprompters, studio monitors and professional audio equipment. We can apply "green screen" effects, virtual sets, pre-recorded media and audio plugins like professional noise reduction, EQ and compression as we record your live video. We can also bring remote guests into your video projects and interact with them, while recording live. Anytime we need to come to you at you, at any location, we have "small footprint" equipment kits that are perfect for what needs to be done, quickly and efficiently.

We Live Stream Events -

Wherever we have an internet connection (and we can have one literally anywhere) we can come to you with our livestreaming kit.  We can live stream video (while recording) with live multi camera switching, graphics, lower thirds, live green screening and premade video content with remote guests and social media interaction in real time. And we can do that as pay per view, or collect donations straight to a bank account, embedded directly in the player/page.

We Do 2D And 3D Animation In House -

If you've seen it on TV, we can probably do it here, for far less than you might think.

We Do Web Design -

We believe that your web presence can not be big enough, whatever you are already doing, we will probably want to take that times ten. Multiple websites carrying different messaging designed to be linked to every major Social Media Outlet, so your followers can easily spread the news far and wide for you. What good is great messaging if nobody sees it? We distribute and promote our websites via HTML email Newsletters.

We Do Creative Media Content - State of the Art, Super Media is our specialty. We can do anything a major television network or movie production studio can do, and keep it all under our own control. This allows us to cut the red tape and react and respond in hours not weeks.

We Do Print Design -

We believe that print messaging is very important, but we don't believe in mailing it. Print messaging must be targeted to avoid wasting money on those who are already voting for you, or those who will not vote for you. We want to put print pieces where the unaffiliated voters and non-voters will see them.

We Have Everything You Need In House - Keeping everything in one office and studio means efficiency and economy, and most importantly, more manageability. No waiting days or weeks for multiple busy providers to get back to you, or finish their parts on your schedule.

We have some of the most talented musicians, script writers, graphic artists, media creators and editors at the ready to help you succeed, and we all like to make everything we do fun and easy for you.

We have grown and expanded our offerings to help performers stay visible in their communities and also make money performing with video. We will help you sell your physical merchandise as well.

We can produce clips and spots in studio and on location, digitally create media, graphics and record live music and voice overs and then put it all together into a show distributed through social media platforms.

Who is a good Client for us?

Someone with a desirable talent or skill who will put in the time and effort to SELF PROMOTE. We can help you learn what you need to do and set you up with the mechanisms and vehicles to promote yourself, but we will not pretend we can or will do it alone.

We work with Performers of any kind - Singers, Musicians, Bands, Comedians and Producers making television style programming and short form documentaries.

We also work in Animation so we can create Previsualization (Previz) clips for video projects, as well as completely animated shorts.

We can help Businesses, Non-Profits or any Public or Private Entity seeking to create video spots, explainer videos, public relations spots or training videos.

Studio Video

This is a short clip from a music video shoot in our green screen studio.

After the minor prep and wardrobe decisions, studio time was about two hours.

Once this footage was in the can, we produced the finished video below.

Result Video

This is a low cost, medium quality production, produced completely in house in collaboration with UltimaSongs Records.

This is the deliverable of "Energy Vampire" by Steve McLoone, featuring his song and performance ready for distribution and publication on line.

This is just one example of our capabilities for in house production.

We can produce most anything you desire, limited only by time and budget.

We promise to be ready and prepared for your visit to our studio or when we are on location with you.

We strive to make this as easy as possible for you with teleprompters, monitors and make up should you want it.

This should be fun, and we do our best to make sure you are relaxed and enjoying your time with us.

Once your plan and production are ready, we will help you promote it to your audience.

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